Real Conversations

You are tired of rambling chat rooms, and look for goal-oriented conversations: with a goal, a start and an end.

On topic

Classify conversations within the right topic - even after they've started. Move conversations to where they can be found by the right audience.

Stay focused

Follow the topics and conversations that interest you, and mute the rest. Get alerts only for things that really matter.

Take Action

Easily distinguish things that require you taking action from those that don't, to stay on top of things.

Symptoms that your team is outgrowing chat

On a chat, only now seems to count

  • You are tired of living with the Fear of Missing Out, and want to take back control from continual interruptions.
  • Discussions that happened only a few days ago seem to have gone missing in deep space.
  • You have the feeling that your days are becoming an endless rambling meeting.

You are tired of the noise

  • The mix of messages in a crowded chat room feels like trying to have a conversation in a noisy disco.
  • You want to be freed from constant interruptions and increase focus and productivity.

Keeping track of things is hard

  • On a chat with a distributed team and asynchronous time frames, making decisions is painful.
  • You revert to email occasionally for things that matter: when they need more elaboration, following-up...
to-do list

I'm ready to go beyond chat

I'd like to join the beta.

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We are on a quest to rethink team communications beyond email and chat.
Ployst enables organizations to deliver better results through curated, focused, transparent and actionable online conversations.

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